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NexDefense' mission is to provide unprecedented visibility and network intelligence for the protection of critical industrial control systems and assets to enhance the reliability, resilience and safety of the services they provide and to make accessing these systems more secure.

  • Discover

    Passively detect and identify all connected devices and communication channels in your OT systems without disrupting critical operations.

  • Visualize

    Visualize control system network activity and device-to-device communications in real-time to assess network health, detect unusual activities and verify configuration changes and updates.

  • Baseline

    Build and manage a baseline of known devices, communication patterns and network events to identify abnormal conditions that may damage or disrupt operations.

  • Detect

    Locate and evaluate abnormal, potentially disruptive network events and inform responders while triggering other active protections within the control system.

Improved Security & Uptime

Enhanced Operational Integrity

Process and Time Management

Reduced Risks and Costs

About NexDefense

NexDefense empowers industrial control system operators with the real-time knowledge needed to maintain system and process integrity and combat cybersecurity threats. Through Integrity™, a patent-pending Industrial Network Anomaly Detection (INAD) system, engineers, security, and control system operators can covertly maintain direct insight and control over threats and increase compliance without sacrificing productivity, optimization or performance. Originally funded by the United States Department of Energy and developed at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) under the management of the Battelle Energy Alliance, Integrity's proven capacity to continuously identify, analyze and warn about deviations from normal operations limits risk, reduces liabilities and ensures the integrity of critical industrial automation and control systems.

NexDefense is led by some of the world's most trusted cybersecurity experts for automation and control systems. We empower automation and control system operators in critical infrastructure and defense facilities with the real-time knowledge needed to always maintain system integrity and combat sophisticated cyber threats - wherever and whenever they occur.

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Evaluate the World's Most Advanced ICS Solution...


NexDefense Integrity™

Integrity™ is a patent-pending Industrial Network Anomaly Detection (INAD) system incorporating technology that resulted from extensive collaboration between the United States Department of Energy, Battelle Energy Alliance and the cybersecurity experts of Idaho National Laboratory (INL). The NexDefense Integrity™ solution provides unparalleled visibility, network event monitoring and notification services that help ensure greater safety, security and operational integrity for today's highly-engineered controls systems used across industry.


Enhanced Security & Improved Uptime

Protecting control systems from disruption and damage requires continuous monitoring and a deep level of intelligence about the health and status of the overall systems. Gaining insight to industrial networks using network monitoring enables better decisions and streamlined action-plans that can help to protect systems from unintentional and malicious harm.

  • Visibility to network events
  • Zero-touch monitor/intrusion detection
  • Early warnings of unusual events
  • Network & device real-time details
  • Direct notifications to key parties


Enhanced Operational Integrity

Control systems are engineered to operate reliably by controlling variables that can affect safety, quality and productivity. Over time, changes to device and system configurations lead to unintended risks. Monitoring, visualizing and alerting on unusual network events helps ensure operational integrity and ongoing adherence to policies, standards and best-practices.

  • Continuous comparison of system operations against known-good state
  • Verify and validate infrastructure configuration and failure-modes
  • Increase confidence of system availability


Time Savings & Process Improvement

When key information is available at your fingertips, better and faster decisions can be made that help offset risks and help assure safety and productivity of control system operations. Risks of downtime, disruption and even damage can be mitigated when intelligent decisions are supported with real-time.

  • Visualize abstract events in real-time
  • Streamline troubleshooting workflows
  • Compare new events with known-good
  • Log data for analysis and forensics


Cost Reduction & Risk Mitigation

When making risk-based decisions, workflow-models and processes can quickly change as new information becomes available. Access to timely, relevant information about a system and interconnected devices is essential to ensuring the overall security posture of the system.

  • Zero-touch network & device monitoring
  • Lower maintenance costs & complexity
  • Accelerate remediation activities
  • Reduce change management costs
  • Reduce assortment of secondary tools

Industries Served


Mgmt Years in Security


Devices Monitored


Downtime Costs/Hour

NexDefense Value Proposition

At the core of the NexDefense value proposition is a promise to provide unprecedented visibility and intelligence about network-based events that can affect the safety, quality, productivity and profitability of industrial control systems. The NexDefense solution heightens awareness, supports critical risk-based decisions, streamlines workflows and response & recovery plans necessary to protect systems throughout their lifecycle.

  • Device Discovery and Monitoring

    Find it. From the first steps of a device connecting to a network, to the health and status of the connections between devices and systems, it's all seen, tracked and monitored for changes. The NexDefense solution is engineered to identify all devices and track all interactions in the network.

  • Event Tracking and Alerting

    See it. Uniquely track and display network activities in its 3D view, operator's dashboard, asset & event logs and output key information to other security controls to support deeper analysis. Operators, system technicians, control system engineers and network specialists can all make use of these real-time views of events to set priority and take steps to protect the system from harm.

  • Network Optimization

    Measure and refine it. Anytime devices or connections are added or removed, configuration changes made or patches applied to control systems the risk posture of the systems change. Gaining insight to what's connected, where data is flowing how traffic patterns change over time helps to isolate problems that can slow a system or affect its safety, security and integrity.

  • Security Posture Improvement

    Protect it. Managing risk is essential to the successful operation of critical systems. Identifying potential weaknesses such as unused services and unusual connections allows for proactive steps to be taken to remove risk, bolster security and ensure compliance to policies, standards and best practices.


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I like that I can see health and status without interacting with the devices and system

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I didn't expect to see so much traffic that has nothing to do with controlling my operation

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I've been waiting for this view of my control sytem for 20 years!

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This approach saved us significantly with our inventory -- and keeps saving us money with it's protection capabilities

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