IIoT and Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions for Chemical Plants

Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

The Chemical sector can be divided into segments that include basic, specialty, agricultural, pharmaceutical and consumer products. Each are distinct and face a wide array of cybersecurity challenges ranging from disruptions to the supply chain to substantially hazardous impacts or disasters on a massive scale should a safety or security be compromised. Within these segments, the range of industrial control systems spans process, batch, discrete manufacturing and even SCADA for some of the largest facilities. Network connectivity is essential to control operations and monitor processes and the complexity of the systems can lead to challenges maintaining safety and reliability as systems as they expand and contract in size, as devices and configurations change, and as regulatory pressures require investments to mitigate risk and counteract threats. Locating and tracking devices, monitoring network health of thee complex systems and looking for abnormal, unusual activities that may be a leading indicator for a larger problem is essential to these hyper-connected systems.