IIoT and Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions for Defense Companies

Defense Companies

The automation and control systems of defense facilities and command centers are some of the most frequent targets of sophisticated cyber threats with the power to intercept confidential communications and interfere with mission controls. Successful attacks waged by cyber threats to connected systems can allow adversaries to disrupt, damage or cause destruction of capabilities required for the mission and maintain a military advantage. Defense of citizens and nations depend on control systems that are mission-critical and require constant, unwavering vigilance to ensure they are available and ready to perform under all conditions. The US Department of Defense (DOD) alone is responsible for an estimated 2.5 million unique control systems spread across no less than 300,000 buildings. Many of these systems are employed to run operations and ensure physical system integrity for Building Automation, Energy Management, Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Water as well as variety of other support systems. Success in the mission relies on assurance of security and safety and hinges on 24x7x365 availability, integrity and reliability. Visibility and situational intelligence into the networks of these critical control systems helps to verify operation, locate weaknesses, determine unusual or unauthorized activities and establish action plans to protect, respond and recover should a cyber attack occur.