IIoT and Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions for Healthcare


Although the healthcare industry is slowly modernizing its systems and building security, failures carry very high risk since the information is among the most private and the impact of systems among the most critical. A recent Redspin report noted that healthcare cybersecurity attacks saw an increase of 320% from 2015 to 2016, with the majority of breaches stemming from hacking. Its been noted that smaller organizations errantly believed, at least for a period of time, that only large hospitals are being targeted by cybercriminals. This has proved not to be the case, since all healthcare organizations, regardless of size, are being targeted due to the value and sensitivity of healthcare data. With the spread of WannaCry, Petya and Not Petya in early 2017, Microsoft reported more than 12,500 across 65 counties. Clearly, an inflection point has been reached, whereby Healthcare organizations have little choice but to implement proactive mechanisms.

Healthcare organizations who proactively enable visibility and situational awareness for healthcare networks will be able to more quickly isolate assets and network connectivity issues, validate design issues and complex configurations, and visualize critical data flows, all to help reduce cyber risks and help ensure ongoing efficiency and productivity.