IIoT and Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions for Oil and Gas Companies

Oil and Gas Companies

Oil and Gas systems, whether upstream, midstream or downstream each experience unique cybersecurity risks due what's required for each to successfully deliver its product and services. If safety or security is compromised, unsafe conditions can quickly result as well as environmental hazards, regulatory implications, brand impacts and a host of other economic and supply chain challenges. Assets are often spread out over wide areas and the challenge of physical protection of these systems are compounded by networks connectivity that make use of vast arrays of different technologies from different eras. The effects of a cyber incident or attack can have significant consequences on the company, its stakeholders, the community, the environment and even the global economy. Determining what's connected in the hundreds and thousands of systems is a daunting task, but detecting and protecting against current and future threats makes network intelligence and monitoring an effective means to identify and reduce risks.