IIoT and Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions for Smart Citites

Smart Cities

It’s clear that the opportunities for the industrial Internet of Things to automate city infrastructure are expansive, however there is a cloud behind that smart city silver lining. The security research community has been clearly calling out the risks involved in smart city technology, but cybersecurity remains a secondary consideration in planning these initiatives.

Properly securing Smart Grid, Transportation, and Water / Wastewater facilities are among three of the top concerns within the overall breadth of technologies frequently attached to Smart Cities -

  • Smart grid security ranks highly in perceived risk, yet low in terms of its prevalence. Disruptions in the energy supply, whatever the source, are always high visibility and they directly affect the average citizen.
  • Transportation systems move freight and move people. The complexity of systems cannot be underestimated, and the interactions and coordination amongst countless systems is essential to safe, efficient and timely operation. One compromised system can have a cascading effect on other systems in order to protect lives and prevent damage to capital intensive equipment.
  • Water / Wastewater - the world depends on safe drinking water and it's a requirement for protecting public health. Wastewater removal is vital for to protect the environment and prevent disease that can affect health and well-being. Business and industry operations require water to operate product and services upon which society relies. Without clean and available water, stability of the society and the economy rapidly breaks down.
  • Gaining visibility and awareness of the networks that link devices and these control subsystems together is essential to ensuring integrity and availability to avoid disruptions that lead to personal and business risks.