IIoT and Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions for Water & Wastewater Facilities

Municipal Water and Wastewater

The world depends on safe drinking water and it's a requirement for protecting public health. Wastewater removal is vital for to protect the environment and prevent disease that can affect health and well being. Business and industry operations require water to operate and product product and services upon which society relies. Without clean and available water, stability of the society and the economy rapidly breaks down. Industrial control systems are essential to treatment, storage and delivery of water. While many control systems is use are similar in principal, most are unique. Water and Wastewater systems are vulnerable to a variety of attacks, that can lead to water contamination; release of toxic chemicals physical attacks on systems and cyberattacks. A successful attack could result in significant widespread illnesses or casualties or disrupt delivery of water to those in need. Water and wastewater systems are a blending of discrete processes to open and close valves to direct and control the flow of water as well as controlled processes to ensure proper dosage and monitoring of water quality. Due to the dispersed nature of water systems, SCADA systems are widely employed to control the systems and gather critical data to aid in making decisions and addressing rapidly changing conditions in the system. The view and visibility into most water and wastewater systems is of the process itself and the product that's moved or produced. Yet, the network communication that links field instruments, devices and control components together as a system, as well as links systems to systems is a complex blind spot potentially susceptible to unintended or malicious activities that could affect the objectives of the water system. Monitoring and reacting to unusual network events can help improve operations, reduce costs and enhance protections for those dependent on these systems.