NexDefense Integrity Benefits


Enhanced Operational Integrity

Control systems are engineered to operate reliably by controlling variables that can affect safety, quality and productivity. Over time, changes to device and system configurations lead to unintended risks. Monitoring, visualizing and alerting on unusual network events helps ensure operational integrity and ongoing adherence to policies, standards and best-practices.

  • Continuous comparison of system operations against known-good state
  • Verify and validate infrastructure configuration and failure-modes
  • Increase confidence of system availability
  • Detection of both signature-based and behavioral (zero day) events that could impact production or safety

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction & Risk Mitigation

When making risk-based decisions, workflow-models and processes can quickly change as new information becomes available. Access to timely, relevant information about a system and interconnected devices is essential to ensuring the overall security posture of the system.

  • Centralized repository for asset information, alerting and more
  • Zero-touch network & device monitoring
  • Automated asset discovery, inventory, and change detection
  • Lower maintenance costs & complexity
  • Accelerate remediation activities
  • Reduce change management costs
  • Reduce assortment of secondary tools

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security & Improved Uptime

Protecting control systems from disruption and damage requires continuous monitoring and a deep level of intelligence about the health and status of the overall systems. Gaining insight to industrial networks using network monitoring enables better decisions and streamlined action-plans that can help to protect systems from unintentional and malicious harm.

  • Visibility to network events
  • Zero-touch monitor/intrusion detection
  • Early warnings of unusual events
  • Network & device real-time details
  • Direct notifications to key parties

ICS Traffic Visualization

Time Savings & Process Improvement

When key information is available at your fingertips, better and faster decisions can be made that help offset risks and help assure safety and productivity of control system operations. Risks of downtime, disruption and even damage can be mitigated when intelligent decisions are supported with real-time.

  • Visualize abstract events in real-time
  • Streamline troubleshooting workflows
  • Compare new events with known-good
  • Log data for analysis and forensics

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