Products - Integrity Features Overview

The Integrity Product Suite by NexDefense provides deep visibility (no blind spots), network intelligence and situational awareness for mission critical networks and assets to improve production and safety for our customers, while protecting operational networks.

With Integrity, you can -

  • Discover

    Passively detect and identify all connected devices and communication channels in your OT systems without disrupting critical operations.

  • Visualize

    Visualize control system network activity and device-to-device communications in real-time to assess network health, detect unusual activities and verify configuration changes and updates.

  • Baseline

    Build and manage a baseline of known devices, communication patterns and network events to identify abnormal conditions that may damage or disrupt operations.

  • Detect

    Locate and evaluate abnormal, potentially disruptive network events and inform responders while triggering other active protections within the control system.


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