Integrity Operations

Integrity Operations

Integrity Operations
(Monitor, Detect, Operate, Analyze, Alert, Research)

Continuous Asset Discovery & Inventory w/ Change Detection

Performing a manual asset inventory across operational networks, likely using a notepad and pen or spreadsheet, is incredibly time consuming and costly. To make things worse, usually as soon as the process is completed, it’s already time to start again since changes have been made rendering the audit incomplete. Integrity fully automates the process of asset discovery and inventory by leveraging the monitoring points to listen to communications as they occur on the network, and storing a detailed asset inventory for each system on the network. Network-level data is also captured and stored automatically. As changes are made in the network or at the asset level, they are captured immediately, and may also prompt alerts or notifications.

Real-time Monitoring, Anomaly Detection & Situational Awareness Alerting

Integrity leverages a combination of signature-based IDS with behavioral anomaly detection to leave no event or action undetected.

 Signature-based Anomaly Detection – Integrity applies a wide range of signature based IDS to network traffic to identify potential risks to production and safety, whether those are operational or security related. Options exist to leverage threat intelligence feeds for rapid turnaround of signatures from the largest and most respected researchers in the world.

 Behavioral Anomaly Detection – In addition to IDS, Integrity offers signature-less, behavioral anomaly detection for detecting zero day attacks or other never-seen- before network anomalies that could impact system integrity.

Operational Dashboard

An operational dashboard allows operators to continuously monitor alerts coming out of the system for further analysis, in addition to system health, and both current status of devices and communications.

Analysis and Digital Forensics

Operators can store and extract (including rewind, pause, fast-forward, speed up and slow down) data and events for historical purposes, future analysis and research.


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