Integrity Vision

Integrity Vision ICS Traffic Visualization

Integrity Vision
(Discover, Visualize, Optimize)

Vulnerability Assessment & Security Posture Improvement

Managing risk is essential to the successful operation of critical systems. Identifying potential weaknesses such as misconfigurations, unused services and connections, or other vulnerabilities allows for proactive steps to be taken to remove risk, bolster security and ensure compliance to policies, standards and best practices.

Automated Discovery and Network Visualization through Augmented Reality

Integrity offers complete visibility of your ICS, with no hidden spots. From the second a device connects to a network, Integrity maps the data paths, protocols, health and status of the connections between systems, it's all seen, and interacts just as your mission critical networks do… in real-time. Integrity is engineered to identify all devices and track all interactions in the network. Integrity Vision displays network activities using a 3-Dimensional augmented reality visualization, providing true situational awareness as to how the ICS truly operates, like the harmonics of an instrument.

Network Optimization

Powerful network visualization provides the ability to visually identify design issues, misconfigurations, or changes to your engineered network. Anytime devices or connections are added or removed, configuration changes made or upgrades or patches applied to control systems, Integrity sees it. Gaining insight to what's connected, where data is flowing how traffic patterns change over time helps to isolate problems that can slow a system or impact its integrity and security.


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